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Scrub Lou: Scrubbing Louisville Homes

At Scrub Lou, a cleaning company in Louisville, KY, we specialize in residential house cleaning services. In other words, it’s our “bread and butter.” For us, however, residential cleanings as a service offering represent a broad category that encompasses a series of separate, unique cleaning services. The best offering for you will depend on your Louisville, KY home’s particular needs, and we are proud to be flexible in offering these more specialized cleans (i.e. hoarding, deep cleans). To get started, you can explore our residential sub-services, which are accompanied by more information and listed below.


FYI: Our residential cleaning services go beyond houses to include other property types like apartments or condos.

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Our Residential Cleaning Services By Type

As stated, our residential cleaning service is an umbrella that hosts different sub-services we offer to Louisville, KY residents. Serving a diverse client base with differing needs, we are proud to match these needs with various house cleaning services. Whether your home is currently in disarray or only needs a light touch-up, our team is ready to restore comfort inside your house. Learn more about each of our sub-services by reading below. 

Note: Each cleaning service’s dedicated page lays out exactly what’s involved as part of the cleaning. 

Deep Cleaning

It’s in the name. A deep clean is a one-time cleaning service that – simply put – is thorough. In performing a deep clean, our team is required to apply a bit more ‘elbow grease’ to mopping your floors, wiping down the stove top, and dusting the cabinet tops inside your home. A good parallel to envision our deep clean service is to think of detailing your vehicle versus taking it to the car wash and vacuuming the inside. Overall, this service is best suited for homes that are especially dirty or that have never been deep cleaned before.

Regular Cleaning

Our most popular option, the regular cleaning is an ongoing service that can be performed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly recurring basis. It all starts with an initial clean which primes your home for the incoming cleans our team is to perform. From there, we will regularly visit your home – according to schedule – in order to maintain a consistently clean home over the long run. In turn, you need not to worry about cleaning your home again – and enjoying it instead.

Hoarding Clean

For homes with severe clutter, Scrub Lou provides a solution in the form of our hoarding clean service. For homes where hoarding is an occurrence, an extra level of labor is commonly required to not only clean the home, but to rid or reorganize it of the excessive items that it hosts. Nonetheless, Scrub Lou has completed countless hoarding cleans and extends its team to do the same for you. Before & after pictures of some of our hoarding work are available further down this page.

Move-In Clean

Are you moving into a property needing a clean before you can comfortably lay your head to rest there? If so, we present to you our move-in cleaning service. In executing a move-in clean, our team’s goal is for your new home to be truly new. We’ll successfully erase any remnants of past residents (i.e. carpet stains, leftover debris) which delivers a fresh start to a new home.

Move-Out Clean

Over the course of occupying a property, a toll is taken on the cleanliness of the property itself. Compounding this is the process of moving out itself, which very well may distribute debris as well as reveal areas you may have never thought to clean before. Alas, Scrub Lou offers its move-out clean service to ensure a gracefully passing on of a property to a new owner.

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Why Scrub Lou for your Louisville Home?

There’s no shortage of cleaning companies in the Louisville, KY area. With that, why should you choose Scrub Lou to clean your Louisville area home? As it turns out, there are a plethora of reasons, each of which is listed below:

Locally Owned & Operated

As evident by our namesake, Scrub Lou is a residential house cleaning company that operates exclusively in the Louisville, KY area. We are not a larger company with locations or franchises throughout the U.S. Rather, we are a team of Louisville natives who take pride in their city and strive to provide exceptional cleaning services accordingly.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In the scenario that you are not happy with our cleaning work, we’ll stop at no costs until you are. Whether we miss something as miniscule as a particle of dust on the ceiling fan or a fingerprint on the front door window, our team won’t stop until you are completely satisfied.


Regardless of your schedule, Scrub Lou can be at your home to make the residential cleaning happen. That is, in accordance to your particular needs. Whether you decide to be present during our cleaning, or whether you are completely out of town, you can count on our team to get the job done with no qualms whatsoever.

Fast & Efficient

Led by a dedicated team lead, our cleaning crew approaches each new job with complete confidence. With years of cleaning experience under our belts, no one cleaning job - no matter how dirty - is beyond a clean we’ve tackled before. We’ve even completed hoarding cleans in a mere two hours!


Despite our superb efficiency, Scrub Lou does not sacrifice quality when it comes to residential cleaning. In fact, we invite you to be knit picky upon completing a clean of your house.This is because we are confident that no one spot has been left untouched.

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From Victorian homes in Old Louisville to Shotguns in Germantown, Scrub Lou is proud to provide residential house cleaning services to the Louisville area in entirety.

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More About Scrub Lou

Scrub Lou was founded by Alex Hunter shortly thereafter leaving the corporate world. For Alex, cleaning entrepreneurship runs in the family, and the advent of Scrub Lou was more of an inevitability than a possibility. Alas, Scrub Lou has experienced major success and growth since its inception, having performed residential cleaning services for thousands of houses throughout the Louisville area. Despite the uptick in business, Alex and the team at Scrub Lou are proud to have no sacrificed quality. Scrub Lou maintains the mentality that your home is ours, and this mindset has been pivotal in maintaining happy customers. 

FAQs: our Residential Cleaning Services

Scrub Lou takes pride in delivering expert housecleaning solutions, boasting a team of dedicated housekeepers who strive for excellence in every task. Our housekeepers undergo rigorous background investigations and receive comprehensive training on our in-depth cleaning protocols.

Our professional cleaning staff, distinguished by their expertise, ensure your home is impeccably maintained. We uphold the highest standards of respect towards our clients’ homes by abstaining from smoking, drinking, eating, or using household appliances during our visits. Adorned in our recognized uniforms, we excel in our services, constantly updating our skills to embrace the newest cleaning methods. A seasoned supervisor monitors our work, providing you with additional security and satisfaction.

Communication is a cornerstone of our relationship with you. Scrub Lou highly values your trust, striving to secure it through delivering dependable, affordable, and superior cleaning solutions tailored to your preferences and expectations. We pay close attention to your valuable items and specific cleaning requests, ensuring our services align perfectly with your needs.

For the most efficient service, we kindly request that you tidy up any clothing or toys before our arrival. Additionally, arranging a comfortable spot for your pets during our cleaning session will protect your belongings and allow our team to focus on delivering a spotless home.

It’s not necessary for you to be home during our cleaning sessions. Operating from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, we often perform our services while our clients are out, with many entrusting us with a spare key or garage code.

Our team focuses on providing detailed attention to each home, which means we can’t promise an exact arrival time. However, we offer arrival time windows for your convenience, employing a specialized “on-time arrival” system to track your preferences and minimize disruption to your schedule.

In the unlikely event of damage during our service, we aim to mend or replace the item. Our housekeepers are thoroughly insured, enabling us to handle any necessary claims efficiently and responsibly, emphasizing our dedication to respecting your home.

We treat every home with the utmost care. Should an oversight occur, we are committed to rectifying the situation promptly. Our team is fully insured, ensuring a straightforward process for addressing and resolving any issues.

Choosing Scrub Lou means opting for a hassle-free cleaning service. We manage all aspects of employment liability, including social security taxes and work-related injuries, ensuring you’re fully protected and relieved from any related responsibilities.

Our cleaning services are customized to meet your unique needs and preferences, ensuring you only pay for what you genuinely require. We aim to maintain the comfort and cleanliness of your home without imposing unnecessary services.

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