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Albeit not necessarily defined the same way across different cleaning companies, at Scrub Lou, a regular cleaning is a recurring cleaning service. Essentially, ‘regular’ and ‘recurring’ are interchangeable. The regular cleaning service is not a one-time clean and – instead – performed on a scheduled (or regular) basis. By far, our regular cleaning option is the most popular among our Louisville, KY client base. The reason why is that it ensures your home maintains a consistent level of cleanliness over time, also taking the burden of cleaning completely off your hands. All in all, we’re confident to declare that the regular cleaning service is a great option for 99% of homeowners. 

Why Scrub Lou?

With Scrub Lou at the helm of your regular cleans, you are entrusting a professional, locally-owned cleaning company with the recurring responsibility of cleaning your home. Admittedly, we are not the only cleaning company in Louisville, KY that provides such a recurring service. The question then becomes: Why Scrub Lou? As mentioned, we are locally owned & operated. By utilizing us as your preferred house cleaners, you are supporting fellow Louisvillians as well the local economy. We are not a large company with Louisville, KY being a mere branch. We call Louisville home as do you. Second and more importantly is that our standard for every house cleaned is that it achieves a level of cleanliness that exceeds your exceptions and – frankly – what you pay. In other words, once our cleaning crew leaves your home, you’ll notice a serious difference.

A Scheduled Service: You Choose the Frequency

In repeatedly cleaning your Louisville home, our cleaning visits can occur at three different frequencies: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Of course, the frequency by which you have us clean is dependent on the cleaning requirements of your home in general. For instance, if you live in a smaller home and frequent all rooms on a daily basis, it might be best for you to have the house cleaned weekly. Contrarily, if you occupy a larger home and spend most your days away at work, it may not need to be cleaned as often. You ultimately know your own lifestyle the most so the best frequency is up to your determination.

Note: We are able to schedule and perform cleans every day of the week Monday through Sunday.


Best for:
  • High Foot Traffic: Ideal for homes or apartments where multiple people reside, especially with young children or pets, leading to quicker accumulation of dirt and mess.
  • Allergy Sufferers: Beneficial for individuals sensitive to dust and allergens. Weekly cleaning reduces the presence of irritants that can cause allergic reactions.
  • Busy Households: Perfect for families who are too occupied with work, school, and other activities to clean weekly themselves.
  • Entertainment: Homes frequently used for hosting guests can maintain a consistently clean and presentable environment with weekly cleaning.


Best for:
  • Moderate Use: Suitable for smaller families or couples without pets, where the home doesn’t get very dirty quickly but still requires regular maintenance.
  • Balanced Lifestyle: For those who can manage light cleaning tasks like dishwashing and laundry but need help with deeper cleaning tasks such as scrubbing bathrooms and cleaning floors.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides a good balance between maintaining a clean home and managing a budget, making it a popular choice for the average household.


Best for:
  • Low Occupancy: Ideal for single occupants or busy professionals who spend little time at home and thus have lower cleaning needs.
  • Minimalist Spaces: Homes with less clutter and simpler layouts can often be maintained with less frequent cleaning.
  • Seasonal Residents: Great option for those who only spend part of the year in their home, such as snowbirds or those with a second home.
  • Budget Constraints: For those who need professional cleaning but want to minimize expenses, monthly cleaning keeps the home in good condition without a frequent financial commitment.
Our Promise:

To Keep Your Home Consistently Clean

This is the entire point of the regular cleaning service to begin with. Through repeat visits that ensure your home maintains a consistent level of cleanliness, you may never be faced with a home that becomes extremely dirty again. Cleaning as you know it, asides from spontaneous tasks, becomes an afterthought so you can focus on more important things in home that’s already clean. In that sense, at Scrub Lou, we are not cleaners but rather stress relievers. Nevertheless, here are the benefits of Scrub Lou’s regular cleaning service for Louisville homeowners (tap to flip):


Regular, repeat cleaning visits create a consistent schedule by which your home is cleaned. In turn, your home remains clean consistently, never going beneath a certain baseline of dirty or untidiness.


With our crew now cleaning your home regularly, you can enjoy the convenience of no longer having to clean yourself.


As we clean your home on a regular basis, Scrub Lou and other cleaning crew become regular faces that you can trust to get the job done effectively.


To the point of convenience, you now can enjoy the freedom of doing other things beyond cleaning. Whether that’s catching up on a show or walking your dog, you’ll now have the time to do as you please.


You won’t be able to ignore the difference in the depth of clean we provide as compared to cleaning yourself. Not only will you no longer be cleaning, but your home will be as clean as you could imagine.


Because you are no longer tasked with cleaning, you save time. The longer Scrub Lou provides this recurring service, the more this time savings compounds.

How it Works

Our regular cleaning service is far from rocket science. Quite simply, we regularly clean your home with the option of three different intervals. Although the service is easy to understand at the service level, you may still be left wondering how exactly it works. That is, from the moment you initially contact us to the point where our crew is literally cleaning your home. Look no further than below where the entire process is described from start to regular cleanings.

1. You’re Interested in a Regular Clean

It is at this point in the process where you are likely at in the moment. You’re interested in maintaining a consistently clean home and realize that Scrub Lou can achieve that for you. Congratulations. We’d like to make it known that we are just as interested in regularly cleaning your home.

2. You Call Us to Confirm Your Interest

The next step is for you to call us to confirm your interest. You’ll then be connected with our owner Alex who will ask about the details of your property (i.e. square footage) and any other specifics. Essentially, this is like a discovery call for us. For you, it is an opportunity to inquire further about the service in the first place.

3. We do a Free Home Walkthrough

To conclude the call from the previous step, Alex will request a walkthrough of your home to be performed on a date and time that works best for the both of us. The walkthrough is like a primer before our cleaning team actually cleans. It allows us to scope out your home and anticipate any potential pitfalls prior to cleaning. Additionally, it’s paramount to the next step.

4. An Official Estimate is Provided

The walkthrough is complete and Scrub Lou now has a complete idea of the scope of cleaning work that is to be performed. That is, alongside any personal preferences you may have informed us of – like making sure a certain door stays shut. With this information at hand, we’re now able to provide you a free estimate which will be sent to you digitally. The estimate solidifies the cleaning details as well as pricing.

5. The Initial Clean is Performed 

Assuming that you sign off on the estimate, it’s now time for the initial clean. The initial clean is the sort of kickoff to our recurring cleans that will follow. It is clean that is deep in execution, meaning that it ascends your home into immaculate condition. It is a step above the regular cleaning and, therefore, isn’t necessary to perform on a recurring basis. Important: If you already having a cleaning company for recurring cleans, the initial clean is not necessary.

6. Scheduled Cleanings Follow

A clean home is now your standard. You begin to enjoy those benefits listed above and an untidy home becomes alien to you.

7. You Achieve a Consistently Clean Home

A clean home is now your standard. You begin to enjoy those benefits listed above and an untidy home becomes alien to you.

The Regular Cleaning Checklist

Here are just some of the many cleaning tasks that may be included as part of our regular recurring cleanings. This does not contain all the cleaning tasks that are performed in entirety, but rather the main tasks.

Dusting of all Surfaces

Wiping Down Reachable Surfaces

Vacuuming Carpets, Rugs, etc.

Mopping Hard Surfaces

Scrubbing of Toilets, Sinks, etc.

Exterior Cleaning of Appliances

Spot Cleaning Cabinet Doors, etc.

Changing Bed Linens

Emptying & Replacing Trash Bags

General Tidying Up

And More!

Another Promise:

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

The reality is, every cleaning company offers a semblance of a satisfaction guarantee. However, at Scrub Lou, we take our guarantee serious and implore you to hold us accountable to it. Whether we miss a tiny spot on your countertops or there’s a tiny piece of dirt that’s left behind, we will come back and correct it until you’re satisfied.

Who Are We?

The simple answer is that we are a residential cleaning company in Louisville, KY.

Founded by Alex Hunter, a graduate of both Saint Xavier High School and Bellarmine University, Scrub Lou is an owner-facing operation. In other words, Alex takes pride in being involved with all communications and, most importantly, the cleaning services that Scrub Lou provides.

Second to Alex is our Professional Cleaning Team Lead Wesley. Wesley is a native of Brazil who speaks both Portuguese and English fluently. When cleaning your home, he will be the most familiar face that you come across. With his management skills and superb work ethic, he guides our cleaning crew to make your home immaculately clean.


Our Louisville, KY Service Area

From Victorian homes in Old Louisville to Shotguns in Germantown, Scrub Lou is proud to provide residential house cleaning services to the Louisville area in entirety.

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