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The reality is, what is defined as a deep clean may vary from cleaning company to cleaning company. That is, mainly in the scope of work that’s included as part of the deep clean service and also in the level of depth. The point is, what is considered ‘deep’ can be completely subjective. At Scrub Lou, we define ‘deep’ – in the context of cleaning – as a requirement or callout of our cleaning crew to apply the highest degree of both thoroughness and attention to detail in performing the clean. A deep clean is essentially everything we’d do in a standard cleaning but amplified to the next level. In performing a deep clean, for example, our team ensures that even those forgotten areas or surfaces – like the tops of lamps or discrete baseboards – are account for. Not only that they are accounted for, but completely cleansed to become spotless.

A Kitchen Sink: Deep Cleaned

The Deep Cleaning Difference

The level of depth and attentiveness required as part of our deep house cleaning service is not to diminish our other cleaning services. Because of its labor-intensive requirements, a deep cleaning is not sustainable in performing on a recurring basis. Not to mention, once your home, apartment, or condo is deep cleaned, it won’t need to be cleaned to that same extent for a very long time. Alas, that is precisely the point of having your home deep cleaned.

This is also why at Scrub Lou, as part of our recurring cleaning services, we’ll start you out with an initial deep clean and – from there – perform regular ongoing cleans to maintain the level of cleanliness that the deep clean achieves over time. Additionally, it’s worth noting that our deep house cleaning service can be performed on a one-time basis.

All in all, our deep house cleaning service is everything included as part of a standard clean, but executed at a deeper level. Our deep clean also includes exclusive cleaning tasks that are only performed as part of our deep cleaning service. Those tasks are listed below.

2x10 Table with Centered Text
Cleaning Tasks Deep Cleaning
Precision Cleaning for Baseboards and Corners
Sanitizing Door Handles and Light Switches
Dusting of Furniture Surfaces
Targeted Cleaning of Wall Stains
Cleaning of Door Surfaces
Comprehensive Surface Disinfection
Meticulous Detailing Throughout
Cleaning Beneath Furniture
In-Depth Dusting Efforts

When is a Deep Clean Needed?

There are a handful of scenarios when a deep clean is needed and there are also a handful of scenarios when a deep clean may not be needed. In having worked with thousands of clients in the Louisville, KY area, Scrub Lou has become accustomed to these different situations that homeowners often find themselves in. Consequently, we’re able to make recommendations according to when – or when not – a deep clean is the best course of action.

A Deep Clean may be needed if:

  • You are looking for a one-time, one-off clean and nothing more
  • Your home is especially dirty, having not been cleaned in a long time
  • You are hosting a special event or gathering, and want your home to be immaculate

A Deep Clean likely isn’t needed if:

  • You already receive recurring cleaning services from another company
  • You had your home deep cleaned within the last three months or so
  • Your home contains an extreme amount of clutter to the point of hoarding

Deep Cleaning by Scrub Lou: What to Expect

  1. Initial Call: Upon initially contacting us, we’ll ask for details regarding your home, apartment, or condo to get an idea of the breadth of your prospective deep clean. Of course, in addition to other related questions in order to verify that you need a deep clean in the first place. If you know the square footage of your home or the particular room you are looking to have deep cleaned, we will prompt you to provide that information in order to send you an estimate as soon as possible.
  2. Walkthrough: During our initial call, we’ll also request a time that works for you to do a physical walkthrough of your home. An actual walkthrough helps us identify any potential hurdles that need to be accounted for prior to doing the deep clean and it also gives you the opportunity to fill us in with any additional details or requirements you may have prior to cleaning day. Essentially, the walkthrough serves as a primer for Scrub Lou to clean your home.
  3. Preparation: Whether a date has been set in stone for us to do the deep cleaning has been established or not by this point, the next step after the walkthrough is to clean the house itself. You can trust our cleaning team to be at your property both swiftly and on time. Our Professional Cleaning Team Lead, Wesley, will be at the clean from start to finish, ensuring the clean is done correctly and – most importantly – deeply. Likely, he will remain your main point of contact throughout the clean, but you can also expect our owner Alex to be present as well.
  4. Cleaning Begins: Due to the nature of a deep clean, and it being more labor-intensive as established, a deep clean typically lasts for hours on end. Despite this, however, a deep clean will never take us longer than a day’s worth of work. You may wake up to a less than tidy home, but we guarantee you that you will go to bed that same night having the cleanest home you could possibly imagine.
  5. Completion: After completion of the clean, our crew will subsequently be out of your hair, leaving behind a home that’s squeaky clean from top to bottom. Again, this is our guarantee to you and we will not declare the cleaning as complete until you are 100% satisfied. If, for instance, we missed something as small as some grime underneath the coffee table in your living room, Scrub Lou will correct the error until you are happy.

A Breakdown of a Deep Clean

In further defining what exactly a deep house cleaning is and what to expect out of one, look no further than the image below. This particular image demonstrates the cleaning tasks we’d complete as it pertains to the living room of your house. Of course, keep in mind that a deep cleaning includes other rooms in your home (i.e. kitchen, bath).

Scrub Lou: Deep Cleaners in Louisville, KY

Scrub Lou is a residential cleaning company located in Louisville, KY. Albeit, we are able to take on certain commercial properties like small offices. We have been in operation for over a year now and – within that time frame – have cleaned thousands of homes throughout the Louisville area. We are proud to be both locally owned & operated, with our founder Alex Hunter maintaining involvement in the day-to-day operations among other things.

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